Et Toujours! Et Jamais!:  An Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series

 This series breaks off after The Killing Dance, but there are a few differences.  Jean-Claude and Anita were never on the evening news at the opening of Danse Macabre.  Neither the cops, nor Anita's family know that she was dating Jean-Claude.

The Entire Series is called Et Toujours! Et Jamais!  The name comes from an 1863 bronze by French artist Pierre-Eugene-Emile Hebert.  The title translates directly as "Always and Never", but the piece is more commonly known in English as "Death and the Maiden".  The statue depicts a beautiful young maiden being held by a decaying corpse.  Some say it is the maiden's beloved returned from the grave to embrace her, others say she is being dragged down to Hell.  I thought it was an appropriate visual for Anita and her power.

First installment of the series.  Anita deals with her impending motherhood and what it means to protect and be protected.

Anita's glimpse into what exactly Phillip means to Jean-Claude

The case is still open, the murders still unsolved.  Anita is drawn back to the hard reality that she failed Nathaniel and that there may be other consequences as well.

The triumverate is only as strong as its weakest link.  Anita tries to find a way to shore up the weakness.

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